NROTC College Program Scholarship Boards?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by kmaidaho, Jan 14, 2011.

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    Are college programs scholarships submitted to the same board that awards scholarships under the NROTC Scholarship Program? Does anyone no what happens to awarded scholarship money if the recipient drops the program?

    In a nutshell, DS was 3 Q'd with 3 nominations to USNA last year. NROTC was his back up plan. Well, he go TWE from both, much to our surprise and dismay! We talked to NROTC Scholarship regional director, who advised us NOT to do the college program, but to reapply to NROTC Scholarship Program this year. (He said the Navy is no longer awarding college program scholarships.) When DS called USNA and spoke to the regional director there, he was advised TO join the NROTC unit at college. Since USNA was really his heart's desire, he joined the unit at college. During orientation week, 2 people on NROTC scholarships dropped out. Another one quit mid-semester. He LOVES his unit and has decided to drop his re-ap to USNA. He has been recommended for scholarship by his unit (they told him they were awarding 1 college program scholarship and he is it), but the money hasn't come through yet. After our experience last year, when we were told by NROTC Scholarship folks "not to worry", I'm a bit nervous. Just wondering...

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    try Chapter 8 describes how AROTC does it... sorry I don't know how NROTC does it. Website/CCR 145-1.doc

    to be honest, after reading and hearing how Army does it, and reading on this Board how Navy does it, it's a very complicated juggling act akin to scheduling airline plaines into a busy airport when the nearby airport is suddenly closed... a mad, frenetic process.

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