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Apr 3, 2016
I am currently a candidate for USNA class of 2020, still CPR like many others. I was notified a few weeks ago that I received the 4 year NROTC scholarship, and will be using that if I end up getting the dreaded TWE. My only concern with going the ROTC route is commissioning after. I have family members that became high ranking military officers by going through ROTC and, as such, highly recommend it, but they were not in the Navy. I've read that there isn't necessarily a guarantee that a full commission will be offered after graduation and completion of NROTC, unlike in the other branches.

I would much like to be a fully commissioned, active duty surface warfare officer rather than a reservist. How does the commissioning process work at the end of the college years? Is it at all difficult to get what I'm looking for? Or have I received misleading information? I searched online but could not find the answers I am looking for.

Thank you!


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Oct 21, 2010
Well you're totally wrong about commissioning. I can't imagine where you read that and I suspect your getting it mixed up with AROTC.
If you complete the NROTC program you will commission and go active duty. There is no other option for NROTC unlike AROTC which might go reserves.

Also, once you commission, no one will care where you went to college... you're all judged on your performance as an officer and not where you went to school.