NROTC - has it seen the board?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by RCave, Sep 25, 2013.

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    Feb 7, 2013
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    My application has been sitting at: "Application has been submitted online Your electronic application has been received and is being processed ...
    Etc..." for about a month now and I heard that the board met on the 23rd.

    Does this mean I missed the September board since my application never got the updated status? It's killing me checking the portal every day to see the same thing..
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    I don't know that anyone here would know. NROTC is notoriously poor at updating status based on my past experience. Even if it was seen by the board I wouldn't expect an update for 2 - 4 weeks. If it wasn't, the next board will definitely see it. Although getting you application in early is a plus, so you get it before the first board, I don't really think too much is lost if the first board doesn't see it. I think that's especially true right now as the Continuing Resolution has still not passed Congress and I expect $$$ might be up in the air as a result. Although I'm sure the first board will award some scholarships, I doubt there will be many awarded by it. Hang tough. Patience is the order of the day. (and besides, unless you have an excellent source, I wouldn't even be too sure that the board actually met).
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    Jan 6, 2013
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    201 days and a wake up... April is a long way off.

    Breath, most of you kids (and us parents) have a long wait. If all is complete start working on your other college applications and check your status maybe on a Monday of each week instead of each day. Come to the forum and maybe research any of your unanswered questions about the NROTC units your applying to.

    My DS is now digging a little deeper into the actual units and has asked to visit a couple. We are going to try and get that done after soccer season is over. He has also completed his applications for his 5 school choices and is now starting his "C" plan of "if all else fails".

    All the very best to all you kids in the coming month.

    Final Thought: You will see the forum light-up once the NROTC board and SA's start awarding the scholarships.

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