NROTC Marine Option - High School Marijuana and Alcohol

zadishi rami

New Member
Jan 21, 2017
Hello, I am dead sent on joining the marines, and I desperately want to go through NROTC when I go to college. However I am at a bit of a dilemma. As a sophomore in high school, I drank underage, and I smoked weed, as your typical dumba** teen does, not thinking about future ramifications, until I started reading about how substance consumption can affect joining the military...

Im now super nervous that I have far destroyed my chances of ever doing my part for this country and destroyed my dream of being a marine.

I have good grades, straight As, and I am a pretty fit guy, but Im afraid none of that will matter because of me being an idiot.

Do I still have hope?
Yes you have hope. Focus on making yourself the strongest candidate you can become, get good grades, take on leadership roles in your extra curricular activities, and get yourself in excellent physical shape. Write strong essays for the application and focus on a good interview when you get the opportunity.

Focus on what you can control, not what you can't.
DoD just overhauled their standards. Prior marijuana use can be waived, but you seriously need to realize this is the end of the road for that lifestyle. It's in the past, it happened, but like what USMCGrunt said just focus on what you can do moving forward.
Agree with others above that, depending on the circumstances, it can usually be waived. It won't be forgiven again though, so stick to the straight and narrow.