NROTC-Marine Option Process Is A Disappointment

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    I'm a 20yr Vet of the Marine Corps (Enlisted) and am very disappointed in how the process has treated my son in respect to what he is currently experiencing. First off, in his application for the NROTC Scholarship - Marine Option, aside from the administration part of the application (e.g. brag sheet, Transcripts, SAT/ACT Scores, rec's from teachers, counselors, writing an essay, etc.) and his medical exam already taken care of since he applied for the Naval Academy (identifying a medical condition before he started the process to which the academy recommended to proceed with an app. and recognized him as a candidate, later was DQ'd for the condition he identified pending waiver review if found competitive by the academy); he's done 2 interviews (all suited up) and completed 3 full Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test (Dead hang Pull Ups, Crunches, 3 Mile Run) to show his conviction and of course get the very best score to be competitive. You'd say, yes.... he's doing all he can do to be competitive. That's not what tripped my trigger in respect to the process. Last March, he was notified that he won the scholarship (no "contingent upon..." statement) by a Marine Captain and then later by a Sgt. I of course had to check my son's DoDMERB profile on the website and had to validate his medical status. He was still pending a waiver review by the USNA and a new statement in respect to NROTC - Marine Option was added showing that he was DQ'd for the same problem (which I wasn't surprised) pending waiver submission/review.

    Now the following situation is where I go high and to the right! After notifying the Sgt that contacted my son and briefing him of his medical status, they still wanted to present him with the scholarship stating that they were very confident that he would get waiver approval- I submitted, who was I to question their confidence. So there they were, In front of God, Country Corps (to include my son's HS's Faculty, parents and students), at my son's HS's Awards Night, telling the Marine Corps Story, and putting my son on a pedestal; recognizing all his accomplishments and PRESENTING THE SCHOLARSHIP IN A FORM A BIG FAT CHECK EXCLAIMING THAT THE MARINE CORPS IS PAYING HIS FULL RIDE THROUGH COLLEGE. Least to say my son was very proud that night. Fast forward 2 days later. YES, FOUND OUT HIS WAIVER WAS DENIED. The Marine Reps are telling us that they are appealing the decision but told us that chances are slim.

    After doing my own research, going to the DoDI 6130.03; found out that my son was qualified. Called up DoDMERB. Even though they reference DoDI 6130.03 in the Waiver process, they stated that unfortunately each branch have more restrictive stipulations on the matter (so wait a minute, is it the DoDI or the Navy Reg you all go by - this needs to be corrected). And get this... HE'S MORE THAN QUALIFIED TO ENLIST INTO THE NAVY AND MARINE CORPS IN THE VERY SAME REG THEY USED TO DQ MY SON FROM THE SCHOLARSHIP THAT HE WORKED HARD FOR.


    Now here's the Enlisted Man talking with 20yrs backing him. In my years of observation while in uniform, what sets aside the enlisted ranks from the commissioned ranks in respect to coming into the military is of course maturity (since most enlisted are barely out of high school), intellect, academics and of course high morals/ values and leadership qualities (being vetted the way they do). what DQ's a person in one community should be used in another community (Enlisted and Commissioned Ranks). I can understand if certain physical attributes are needed for a specific job however, I don't understand how if I AM FOUND MEDICALLY PHYSICALLY QUALIFIED TO BE ENLISTED, ANDTHOSE SAME PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES THAT I HAVE AS ENLISTED, WOULD DQ ME FROM BEING ELIGIBLE TO GO TO THE COMMISSIONED RANKS (aside from specific job requisites and career paths - e.g being a pilot).

    I take my son's whole experience in the matter an insult.
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    Really sorry it ended up that way for your son. Is he going to pursue a commission in another branch?

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