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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by mattjr96, Oct 29, 2013.

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    To all, I have taken my PFT test and interviews as well as having sent and accounted for all of my necesary documents for being recieved. My question lies with the PFT test score. How important is the PFT score for the NROTC Marine Option schoalrship. I scored a 286/300, so i was guessing anything under a 265 goes in one pile, and anything 266-284 goes intoanother pile and anything 285-300 goes into the third pile for example as good, intermediate, and exceptional? Or is it done purely as your PFT score holding a points value so if you get a 300 you get 300 points on your application.

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    I don't know this, but I expect it's the latter or something like it. I exceedingly doubt they have different piles.

    That is a great PFT score, and given the Marine Corps is the only branch that actually administers a real PFT for the scholarship, and does it themselves, one has to assume it's far more important to them than to the other branches. However, they still look at the whole person and a good PFT score cannot overcome an area of glaring weakness. Good luck on the scholarship hunt.
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    +1 kinnem

    We have seen many examples of lower scores getting the scholarship and higher ones failing to get one. It is one part of an entire package that is considered.

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