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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by MilMom, Mar 21, 2015.

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    My son was notified in December that he was selected for the four-year NROTC-Marine Option Scholarship. We found out in January that his scholarship was not assigned to Norwich University, his intended school. He submitted a change request immediately and was put on a wait list. Am I correct in my understanding that we basically just have to wait and see if a slot opens up at Norwich or is there anything else we should be doing to help facilitate this process?
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    I have no first hand knowledge of the transfer process so this response is a best guess based on sending 4 kids to college.

    I assume he applied and was accepted at the designated school. You will want to watch the calendar and comply with their process of acceptance (fees, housing, etc) as you wait out the transfer process. Depending on the calendar, you may have to start sending in deposits before you get your final NROTC outcome. You may get a refund but often they are non-refundable. Still better to lock in a spot than lose it.

    Same with Norwich. If he was accepted and would go there without a scholarship, then you want to stay on top of their admission process. He could always go there and reapply next year or take an alternate commissioning path.

    Since your DS did not get Norwich right out of the gate, that means there were already filled up. Your son is on the wait list and if someone drops, they will work the list. I suppose he could call the Norwich NROTC detachment but not sure they have visibility to the list (or would even tell him). Perhaps someone who has first-hand knowledge of this can give you better insight.

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