NROTC Marine Option Vision Requirements


Jul 12, 2017
Hello all,
I am highly interested in entering the Marines through NROTC, but I have read some sources that say anything worse than 20/20 is disqualifying. I have read other sources that say otherwise.
My vision in one eye is 20/20, but in the other eye uncorrected it is 20/200 but corrects to 20/70 with glasses or contacts. Is this disqualifying?
Thanks for the help. A - NROTC Medical Considerations.docx

Eyes and Vision Disqualifications

Below is a listing of those eye and vision disqualifications that are the most prevalent. This listing, while comprehensive, does not contain all possible disqualifications for eyes and vision.

1) Vision not correctable to 20/20 in both eyes is disqualifying. Spherical equivalent exceeding 8.00 diopters or astigmatism exceeding 3.00 diopters is disqualifying.

2) Substandard color vision is disqualifying.

3) Many chronic eye diseases/conditions such as keratoconus, glaucoma, optic atrophy, cataracts and retinal detachment are disqualifying.

4) Refractive surgery within the previous 6 months is disqualifying.