NROTC Marine Option

I have tried to search for a previous thread on statistics of those awarded a marine option scholarship. I am interested in what SAT scores have been successful, especially on the first board. While the application page notes a 1000 threshold score, I am sure successful candidates were significantly higher. Can anyone point me to that thread, or would anyone share their experiences? (I do know that the SAT is just one piece of the overall evaluation, just curious about that 1000 figure).
Although I’m not going to share my exact scores, I can say my scores were significantly lower than the average scores. However, I was still awarded the MO NROTC scholarship and an offer to NAPS.
I have a question. To my understanding I enlisted in the Marine and am currently in the Delayed entry program. From what m,y recruiter said most of the guys that got the NROTC Marine Option were enlisted too. I was wondering if anyone on here has done that and if it worked out. BTW I did not get selected for the early board and am hoping to to get selected for the later one.
Most? No. A lot? No. A few? Not likely.

Can it happen? Sure. But DEP is NOT the path to a scholarship nor will it help your odds ( despite what your recruiter said)
I know it is possible but is it hard to switch the school you were given the scholarship to?
jedbartlet: it can be hard - particularly if you want to switch to a very popular school like Notre Dame, Michigan, South Carolina, etc.

If you are open to transferring to other schools, the odds increase.
Does anyone know for this year (or can speculate from previous years) the total number of marine option scholarships awarded and, if possible, the breakdown of how many they tend to award from first versus second board?
Thank you. I confess to "fishing" for the answer that the significant majority of marine option scholarships are awarded by the second board, for those that did not make the first board. And yes, I know the total number of marine scholarships is limited, and that patience is a virtue...