NROTC-MO February Board


Oct 17, 2019
I know everyone is focused on the AROTC 2nd Board. Question for @kinnem or any other veteran board members... My understanding is that the 2nd and last MO board will be sometime in February. I have also heard that the results are not released until March/April timeframe. Question - why is there such a delay in releasing the results as compared to the 1st Board? Is it due to the fact that each District conducts their own Board and therefore the actual Board dates are most likely spread out over a month or so?

Last question - has there been data published regarding the number of scholarships offered on the 2nd Board compared to the 1st?

The 2nd board is the larger of the two boards, so there will be more applicants. Generally speaking the results aren't given out until March/April and are dependent upon the recruiting district.

I don't know of any published data.