NROTC Non-Scholarship benefits?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by JakeReitz, Apr 7, 2016.

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    So I haven't heard back yet from the Navy, and i'm not so sure about my chances to get a scholarship (probably 50/50). My dream school is Purdue, ive already been admitted to the engineering school. My problem is, however, that I have to pay for my school completely by myself, and as an out of state student, Purdue is about 45k a year. Without a scholarship from the NROTC, I will probably have to go to a second choice school and join the NROTC there. I was wondering if there are some monetary benefits for those Non-scholarship students, or if it is just the scholarships that you can apply for. Is it easier to get a 4 year scholarship after youve joined NROTC?
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    No monetary benefits if you aren't on scholarship.

    If you enroll as a college program mid (and reapply for the 4 year), you set yourself up for better chances to get either the "4 year" or a sideload 2-3 year scholarship.

    Talk to the Freshman Advisor at the school you want to go to and go over your options. Do well and establish yourself and you will have an edge over the high school applicants.

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