NROTC or Scholarships???


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Jan 30, 2017
I am currently on the wait list for the USNA, but I need to go ahead and accept admission to my Plan B university by May 1st. My ultimate goal is to receive an appointment to the USNA Academy. If it does work out this year I would seek admission into the Class of 2022. For my Plan B I have three options.
  1. Attending Texas A and M and being a part of the Corps of Cadets and doing NROTC.
  2. Attending Oklahoma State University and doing an ROTC program, but they do not have Navy.
  3. Attending BYU Hawaii and doing an ROTC program. They do not have Navy either.
I am not sure if Texas A and M or Oklahoma State would be better because I have a lot of scholarships to Oklahoma State. Oklahoma State would be about half price for me. But, I would have to do AFROTC instead of NROTC. Would the Naval Academy frown upon my participation in an AFROTC program? Also, would the Naval Academy favor a student would did a year a Texas A and M because Texas A and M has the renowned Corps of Cadets program?

I know these may be tough questions to answer, but I would greatly appreciate any guidance you could give me.
As far as doing ROTC that isn't Navy, that's largely up to you. What if you don't get in when you reapply? You're then on a track towards commissioning into the AF, not the Navy. Are you okay with that?
Pick the school that you could see yourself at for 4 years. So many things could happen between now and next year. You want to go somewhere that where you will thrive and set you up for success. Also, money is a factor. You don't want to go somewhere you can't afford if you don't get into USNA. The benefit of doing NROTC is it allows another nomination source to USNA. First and foremomet USNA is going to look at your grades. Thriving at a school and handling the demands of school and Corps life could be positive on your application. If you don't want to be an officer in the USAF, don't join just to check the box. Whatever path you pick be prepared to commit 100%.
Agree with @pleber and @NavyHoops
  • While USNA likes reapplicants, will you be okay becoming an AF officer?
  • If you would rather be a Naval officer, the best back up plan you can have is NROTC.
  • You also need to consider which college is the best fit for you. What if you hate tropical breezes and drinks with umbrellas in them?
  • Is your ultimate goal to attend USNA, or to be a naval officer? TAMU is the only option you list that gives you a route to reapply to USNA and also commission through NROTC.
My son was at A&M and received the NROTC scholarship. It pays very well and the Corps has numerous scholarships to try for. The Quad Moms group has their own smaller scholarships each semester. You can also apply for the TASSP (Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program) which paid my son $4250 each semester last year. Essentially, with a Corps scholarship, NROTC and TASSP, he was 100% paid including tuition/room/board. It CAN be done. The university itself is notorious for not giving ANY scholarships, even to the best of students. Military scholarships, on the other hand, are much easier to come by. My son is currently a freshman there in the Corps and got his USNA appointment as a reapplicant. He would have been very happy to continue at A&M and commission there. He really likes the NROTC program and he feels that being in the Corps really helped him prepare for the Academy. He also received a nomination from NROTC (they actually didn't know that they could!). PM me if you have any questions about all that.
However, if you are not a Texas resident, the TASSP would not apply. But it is possible to receive in-state tuition. You would have to contact the Corps of Cadets directly to be sure you are eligible.
If it helps your decision, to qualify for instate tuition at TAMU you first have to get $4000 in Corps scholarships