NROTC PFT & other


Oct 10, 2016
My DD has an NROTC scholarship and will be attending Tufts this fall. We just got her Consortium Handbook via email yesterday and it contains some information we are having trouble clarifying:
We initially understood that the PFT she had to take when she arrived to activate the scholarship when she arrived was Curl ups, Push ups, and a 1.5 mile run. The handbook mentions this but then also talks about a swim test, which includes not just all 4 strokes (which I think she can do) but also abandon ship and drown drills etc. Is that part of the initial required PFT or something they will have to do after they have some training at orientation?
There is also some information in the Naval science course schedule that seems to conflict with what she was told initially. She needs to clarify this so she can let her rowing coach know (she was recruited knowing that she would be in NROTC, and there have been and are other rowers in both NROTC and other ROTC programs at Tufts)--will she look less than committed if she asks this question of the Freshman advisor?
We are new to this and totally understand the commitment and priorities and just want to be sure we have the best info at this point.
Sorry to post this if it has already been addressed elsewhere, but couldn't find specifics when I searched.
Thank you!
According to Embry Riddle's NROTC webpage, you won't be required to pass the swim test until it's time for Summer Cruise. Tufts/MIT likely adheres to the same standard.

4/C Midshipmen (freshmen) must take (and pass) a Third Class swim test. Scholarship midshipmen must pass prior to going on summer cruise. The test consists of jumping into the pool from a height of 5 feet or greater and swimming unassisted to the surface, swimming 50 yards without holding the wall, stopping, or standing, and a 5 minute prone float. After successfully completing these events, midshipmen will have to demonstrate competency using their uniform blouse and trousers as flotation devices (these skills will be taught here).

If you are a weak swimmer or uncomfortable in the water, start practicing your swimming now. Find a pool (such as a local YMCA) and a swim instructor to get the help you require.

If there is precedence with Mids handling NROTC and Crew, I would have her work through the coach to talk to those Mids/Rowers ahead of her to get the scoop. They will be the best source of info as she follows in their path.
When my DD was in the Boston Consortium along with Tufts, they took the swim test during initial orientation. She needed to pass the third class swim test, most passed the second class swim test as well. She said it wasn't as difficult as it looked.