NROTC Public University w/o scholarship --> Private University w/ scholarship


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Sep 7, 2017
Hi all,
I'm a high school senior and I'm looking for some advice on what's options I have for the next four years. At the beginning of this year, I has planned on getting an NROTC scholarship at a fairly elite private university. Things didn't go as planned, I actually didn't even apply for either of those things because I didn't feel qualified and feared rejection, and my laziness didn't help. As of now, it looks like I'll be participating in NROTC off scholarship at a large out-of-state school.
I will definitely be applying for a three year scholarship, and will likely be applying to transfer to the private school of my dreams. Suppose I kick butt in college and get great grades in a Tier 1 major - is it even possible to go into sophomore year starting at a new school with a scholarship? Is it more likely that I'd have to either transfer or get the scholarship first, with the other part of the plan being delayed a a semester or two? I will give whatever school I attend next year a fair chance and may not even attempt to transfer, but I'd like to know whether this option is on the table so that I can plan accordingly.
I would first investigate the chances of transferring to the private college.
Many of them have very few transfers.
Another option would be taking a gap year and reapplying as if you were a senior.
Doing something of significance during your gap year may improve your chances.
This option would not hurt you with Navy ROTC, I'll let others weigh in for Army and Air Force.

Having explained all that, I would recommend going to the State School. Once you're comissioned, it won't matter where your degree is from. Go with the lost cost option.
Do well at a State school and all the elites are available for grad school.

Thanks for the response OS.
Transferring is definitely possible, though not a sure bet by any means, even with good grades. What I'm really wondering is how a scholarship would be involved in the transfer process. I also like the idea of going to the state school for four years and getting my masters somewhere else when I'm older. Do you know if it's possible to get a masters from a private, non-military college while in the military?
I think you are asking what if I get a 4 year, don't get into the private elite, but go to a state school, do well, apply to and get into an elite, can I transfer my scholarship?
The are a lot of issues that arise doing this, but the simple answer is yes, it can be done.

As to your question about about getting a masters at an elite in active duty, there are many paths to doing this. Too many to list here. A lot depends on your career path.
Worry first about your path to commissioning.

Everything in life is a path. I respect the fact that you are thinking about phase 4 or 5. You need do deliver results in phase 1-3.

Good luck!