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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by luckyj2020, Oct 11, 2012.

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    Hello, I'm new to the forum and have a question regarding my NROTC application, specifically regarding my interview. Forgive for the long post, but my situation requires details.

    Several weeks ago while I was nearing completion of my online application, I was contacted by a recruiter who spoke to me briefly about the program. I was directed to my local recruiter to complete my application. I met with my local recruiter the next day, signed the required paperwork, and was given paper evaluation and transcript forms to be filled out the next day. I had everthing filled out the next day and met again with my recruiter to hand in the entire package.

    I was told to expect a call from an officer for an over the phone interview/questionairre of sorts. However this phone call never came and when I asked my recruiter about it, apparently the officer had said I was all set. My recruiter also said I had completed everything I had too complete. :confused:

    Needless to say I was a bit confused, but decided to wait a little while. My online status shortly updated thereafter to " your application is at Naval Education and Training Command for final processing and selection determination. Selection decisions will begin in late August and continue until the end of April. Once a selection decision has been made, your new status will be reflected."

    Soon after I contacted my coordinator. He also assured me that I was all set, and that there was no way my application got as far as it did without an interview evaluation, regardless of how it was conducted. He mentioned that some officers take care of interviews through less than official means, and that a phone call interview is not uncommon and sometimes no real interview is conducted. Futhermore in the few years he has been the coordinator he has never seen anything but near perfect interview results. Needless to say I was surpised but somewhat relieved.

    Has anyone every encountered such an issue before, or does anyone think I should investigate further? I would hate to jeapordize or delay my selection in any way, but it seems to be out of my hands.
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    Given your online status I think you're OK. I agree though that something smells a bit fishy here and I would try to follow up just for peace of mind (although I would also be wondering how I scored on the non-interview interview). I'm not sure how to direct you in this but you might try here:

    Another course of action you could take is to contact the cadre at your #1 school and see if they can help. I would take care to mention you don't feel like you were interviewed and are therefore concerned. I'm confident they can check on the status of your application and see the details.

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