Nrotc says not selected do I still roll forward to next boards?


New Member
Feb 23, 2018
My portal updated and says I was not selected and will get a letter explaining other options. But I was told before that I will roll forward to all boards until the last one no matter what and I have read that there are still more boards scheduled. Is there any truth to this? Thanks in advance for the help.
At some point it becomes clear that someone will not be given a scholarship regardless of how many boards remain. The number of more qualified applicants exceeds the number of scholarships available so they begin notifying people who will not receive a scholarship as early as possible so they can make other plans. Normally when this happens they send a letter about other options for commissioning. I don't know if this is true in your case, but it seems likely to me. Just my opinion. Of course it could be an error in updating the portal for all I know. Keep working backup plans in any case.

EDIT: Nothing is official until you get a letter.