NROTC Scholarship 3rd Board - Results


Oct 14, 2017
Hi everyone!

Can applicants post their statistics for the December board? I'm anxiously waiting to hear back from NROTC.

Thank you.
It is a painful / exciting wait; however, comparatives will only increase your level of “wow” or “stress”. You don’t know what they are looking for. My DS was fortunate enough to be awarded a 4 year scholarship and my DD’s resume is far better. No clue if she will get this. Things will start happening more and more and this board will begin to light up. Hold on and best of luck.
Waiting to hear for my daughter as well! Hoping to see some status changes posted here soon so that we at least know they are putting decisions through!
I have the privilege of working with Naval Officers every day. Today I meet an 05 who’s prior duty was being on the board for NROTC. He confirmed what most of us know. In short they do not pick the candidate the candidate is scored. From that they await for what the Navy dictates their needs. Once that is determined the list of awardees is established. If a candidate decides to take a different journey the scholarship will go to the next candidate on the list. So...hold on the word is coming.
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