NROTC Scholarship Acceptance Deadline


Nov 9, 2015
Hello everyone. I am a college programmer at my NROTC unit and I was fortunate enough to be awarded the 4 year national scholarship. In the letter it says that I must respond to the scholarship by the given date, however there is no date included in the letter. Is there a standard date that all responses are due by? I am also a re-applicant to the Naval Academy which is why I am holding off signing it immediately.
Why wouldn't you just accept immediately? The time limit is 30 days from when letter was written. If you accept immediately you have no problem.
Accept the scholarship now. If you get into Annapolis, you can decline before I-Day.
Unless you really don't want the scholarship and just applied because USNA admissions told you that you really needed to apply to show that you were serious about becoming a Naval officer. If that is the case, then turn it down that someone else can be awarded the opportunity. But if you want it...even as your first choice back up to USNA, then accept it now.
Thank you for the quick response's. I did not apply for the scholarship simply because USNA told me to. I started applying for it before I determined that I was going to re-apply to USNA. The reason I held off is because it was my understanding that if I accept now then turn it down later it may cause problems. But if this is not the case I will. Thank you
Doesn't hurt to discuss it with your cadre to confirm.
First off, congratulations and BZ on your scholarship. That is quite an accomplishment!

I believe the NROTC announcement letter encourages you to accept now even if you think you may decline later. I seem to remember DS' letter had verbage to that effect.

Suggest you lock in the NROTC scholarship . Then sit back and let God take control of your USNA process.