NROTC scholarship and medical insurance


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Mar 20, 2009
My son is entering college in the fall on a NROTC Marine option scholarship. The school requires medical insurance and automatically bills us every semester. I can get a waiver if he is covered under compatible insurance - he's already covered under mine but I wondered if the scholarship picks up the school-required insurance tab as a covered fee? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
My daughter's NROTC 3 1/2 yr did not pick up the school's health insurance fees but it did pay for the mandatory health clinic fee. That's for the clinic on campus that all the kids have access to.
My son too will be going on an NROTC-Marine Option scholarship. I'm pretty sure the answer is "No." At least I have never heard of anything different. You may want to check into other scholarships that are available to ROTC midshipmen through the school or alumni association. They may cover some of that. My understanding is the scholarship covers tuition and books only and you will probably have to pay out of your pocket for the first semester and then get reimbursed. (Believe it or not some kids don't show up--and those scholarships do not get reassigned)

Congratulations to your son--if he's like mine, he's ready to go NOW
Thank you, kgrmom and pinnedalltheway. I called Pensacola and was told no, they won't cover him until he's commissioned.

He's definitely looking forward to mid-August. Congratulations to your children on their scholarships! :thumb: