NROTC Scholarship info


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Oct 29, 2008
Could someone please help me get up to speed with what the NROTC scholarship is all about and has to offer. Is there any connection to the USNA at all? Does getting the scholarship mean the USNA offer may not be coming if we get a nomination and they are trying to steer us in an alternative direction. What is the difference in being in the navy reserve versus the navy? My son received a call stating he was getting the NROTC scholarship but I was much more involved with the USNA and CGA application process and really didn't pay attention to the scholarship application he did that all alone. I know this is a good thing but I have so many questions :confused:
The NROTC Scholarship is completely independent of the USNA. One does not have a bearing on the other. Your son should go ahead and accept the scholarship as a back-up to the Naval Academy. Hopefully he has also applied to some other colleges with NROTC. If he gets his USNA appointment, he simply turns down the NROTC scholarship and it will be available to award to someone else.