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    Could someone that has been accepted to or has attended college with an NROTC Scholarship or the NROTC College Program please post a list of academic and extracurricular achievements (such as grades, test scores, athletics, clubs, extracurricular activities and positions, etc.)? Also, could you post whether you were accepted into the program as Navy Option or Marine Corps Option? I feel as if I couldn't get into the U.S. Naval Academy on what I have done in high school, so far, so I want to see if there's a chance that I could be selected for NROTC. Thank you very much.
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    Selected 4-year navy option to Holy Corss

    97.6/100 GPA SAT Scores 560, 560 (my SAT scores were pretty low) 5 AP Classes and 3 Honors courses
    4 years varsity hockey, 4 years varisty field hockey, 4 years varsity lacrosse
    Attend a college prepatory school
    In the top 5 student leaders of the school both junior and senior year (dorm leader). Campus Tour Guide
    Participated in Outback program, 10 days of hiking and camping in the mountains in the winter.
    200+ hours of community service (homeless shelter, parks service, sports with kids, service for church)
    Cum Laude Society (for academics and participation in community) MVP Award for Varisty Field Hockey and Ice Hockey. First team all star New England for Ice Hockey. MVP international tournamnet.
    Owned a lawn mowing business.

    Often times getting an NROTC scholarship can be more competitive than getting in to the Academy, due to the number of students who apply.
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    Selected 4-Year Marine Option to University of Michigan
    3.46 UW/3.94W GPA
    720 Math/670 Verb (Superscored SAT/ACT)
    1 Year Varsity Diving
    3 Year Varsity Wrestling (Co-Capt)
    9 AP Courses
    AP Scholar
    National Commended
    National Hispanic Scholar
    Model United Nations
    Congressman Youth Council
    200+ Community Service (Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, etc)
    Youth Soccer Center/Line Ref (4 Years)
    284 PFT (18 pull ups, 100 Crunches, 19:00 3-Mile)
    Nominated for USNA - Not Appointed
    DS was told that Getting Appointment/MO ROTC very competitive this year.
    Marine Option looks heavily at physical fitness - would recommend trying to get 285 and above, or really close too it.
    While not appointed to Naval Academy, DS very happy to be awarded MO NROTC.
    Good Luck!
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    depends. NROTC doesn't appear to have any Geographic issues as the Academy does (where a stronger candidate from a competitive district can fail to be appointed and a less qualified applicant from a less competitive district can). However, within NROTC there are Battalions much harder to get a scholarship applied to than others.
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    Four year Marine Option to University of Houston

    WGPA: 3.24
    SAT: 510 CR & 560 Math
    PFT: 110 (2 pullups; 67 crunches; 27:13 3 mile run)
    5 AP classes
    Under 150 service hours
    JROTC Command Sergeant Major 2 years
    JROTC First Sergeant one year
    JROTC Varsity Color Guard 3 years (Commander last 2 years; district champs)
    JROTC Physical Training Team senior year
    Varsity Soccer freshman year
    Self-published author (raised money for senior class)
    Some awards through JROTC

    The most important statistic that shot my application through the roof is that I proved to the OSO and the board that I have set in my heart that

    Please keep in mind that my PFT and academics are NOT COMPETITIVE, and that you have to really want this and everything that comes with it.
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