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    If my son received notification that he was selected for 4 year scholarship to the school he is currently a freshman at (and doing NROTC as college program) , would it activate for this year? i.e. would they pay for this year?

    Also does he have to stay under 30 hours this year?

    Thanks for any help!
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    Is he Navy or Marine option?

    My son got a scholarship from the NROTC, Marine option, as a college programmer. His package was not sent in until the end of the year. He found out later in the summer that he was awarded a scholarship for the next year. I do not have a definite answer, but my guess would be that it would not start until the contract is signed. So if it was awarded after the first semester, he might get it for the second semester, but I highly doubt it would be retroactive. I don't know that college programmers can get four year scholarships. Still, I am fairly new to all of this and can certainly be wrong. Also, the idea behind a college program option is that the MIDN has time to prove himself.
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    I think the question that needs to be answered is was this scholarship an HSSP or an ICSP?

    From what I know, at least for AFROTC, if it is an ICSP it will be activated this semester as long as his DoDMERB has been done already and of course pass the PFT. The reason the ICSP can be activated earlier IMPO is the IC stands for In College, many of them are offered straight from the unit.

    If I recall correctly for HSSP the regulation is they have to have less than 30 credits when they apply, not that they have to be under it when they contract. Don't hold me to that, it is what my pea brain recalls.

    If your DS has not had the exam, get him in as soon as possible when they send him the paperwork. If you know of a medical issue that might trip him up, get that paperwork in order now. A waiver or remedial can slow down the process anywhere from a few weeks to months. For NROTC many times kids that thought they didn't have color deficiency issues get a shock when they take the test.
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