NROTC- Shipment of belongings to first duty station


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Jan 11, 2013
I know things have probably changed a lot since I got commissioned 30 years ago into the Army, so I thought I would ask those who may have had a DS/DD who has recently commissioned through NROTC on how the shipment of their "stuff/household goods" works now. It sounds like a SWO officer typically will be on active duty immediately after commissioning and will head to their first ship right away, is this correct? Do they ever have large blocks of leave first, or a delay in going on activity duty like those commissioned through AROTC? Are they authorized to have their stuff shipped from college to their first duty station, as well as from their home of record? Or only from one location? Will the government allow for everything to be put in paid temporary storage until an apartment is secured at their first base? Are they still able to do DITY moves? I'd appreciate if you can share how this worked out for your DS/DD.
The question about coming on active duty while awaiting school has come up a number of times on this board.
What I have seen over the 5 years is that all of the Naval midshipmen have commissioned and came on active duty immediately.
Marines get 3 months prior to reporting. If they have a 5 month wait, they don't start getting paid until 3 months prior.
I have seen some waits for school (flight being the longest) of up to 6 months reporting time. Those mids generally stay at school for the summer to support indoc and then are free to try and find someplace to stash. SWO's have generally left with in a month for SWO school and then to their ship.

As to moves. You can still DITY, straight, half and half, or combo two location. Combo meaning half from HOR, half from school. Total weight limits apply to the combo, you don't get double the weight. Also, some units aren't aware of the combo option, you'll have to get into the regs to explain it. I posted a link below as a starting point.

There is a gotcha. I'm not sure how they decide who gets what code when reporting because I have seen both codes for same service selection.
Accounting code 342 gets you the full Monty, 341 will make you wait to get all the options described above until your next move. (Finish school)
The challenge is if they give you a 341 you lose the combo option as that is a one time coming on active duty thing. You would have to appeal not being given the option upon commissioning.

See link:

That's my summary, please do your own homework, but now you have a starting point.
+1 to Oldsalt. Marine's go on active duty when they arrive at TBS. TBS slots for NROTC Marines usually start to become available in August and each month thereafter. I think they all get to start TBS within the calendar year but I can't swear to that. Most folks get a job to tie them over to their report date. DS had the best job of his life tending bar and leading tours at a local craft brewery.