NROTC Status problem


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Nov 10, 2008
My son checked his status at the NROTC site and it states that there is no application on file for the 2009 scholarship year that match his SSN and birthdate. His application has been complete since September. He checks the status weekly and it has always said that the app is complete and no decision has been made. He's sent an e-mail to his recruiter but no response yet. Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Was there a problem?

I'm sorry, I don't have any advice or helpful information, but just wondering if everything is okay.
AROTC similar issue

We have a similar issue. My son is waiting to hear about an AROTC scholarship. The cadet command scholarship page has read "Request an Interview" for over a month now... so far he has done two interviews, one in September the other in October. The schools he contacted said to email the Cadet Command. He sent an email inquiry a week ago and so far no response. Let us know if you hear anything more about what is going on.
KCMOmom - your son should go ahead and give a phone call. In his correspondence from Cadet Command he should have received the name and phone number of his contact person.
AROTC status

Thanks, I will ask him to look for that number and give them a call.