NROTC Suny Maritime regimented experience...


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Dec 25, 2016
I was wondering whether anyone had experience with SUNY Maritime and NROTC. A co-worker mentioned that it is extremely difficult for a student to participate as a regimented student there and NROTC. Just wondering whether anyone had any experience with this, as we were told many students that attempted this, dropped out of regimented program.
If a student is looking to pursue NROTC and a commission in the Navy/Marine Corps, I wouldn't recommend one of the Maritime schools. I worked with a couple students who have transferred out of those environments and into traditional NROTC units after their first year.
@NavyNOLA ... Would you mind elaborating a little as to why the students you dealt with transferred out of the Maritime schools ? Also, could you elaborate about the "environments" ? My DS, like many others, is formulating his Plan B, C and D. SUNY Maritime is one of his possible choices and I was already concerned about the maritime schools having a lower than averaged retention and graduation rates. Any advice would be appreciated.
Students who are intent upon pursuing Navy commissions might not enjoy the maritime school arrangement as much. The maritime schools have an important mission, but producing Navy officers is a secondary focus. Much of the training and classes at the USMMA and certain maritime schools are more focused on the civilian maritime industry than the military/Navy. If a student's primary goal is to commission and enter a URL community, I recommend a traditional NROTC unit instead.
Thank you for your input. I am trying to gather as much information to help DD formulate the best plan for her. Having no firsthand experience myself, it is hard to navigate the colleges with the NROTC commitment and what major to study, etc. Trying to formulate Plans B, C, D, etc when her 'plan A' is still not definitive is even harder!