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I know several NROTC mids who have done this, which is what I assume your question was. You'll need to do the pre-BUDS cruise during your rising Senior year (I think it's that year) and do well there. Although a few of the folks I know made it through BUDS they DORed later in the program. A very hard route to go but you'll at least stay in excellent shape while you're on it.


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Yes, the pre-buds cruise is a two-week session during the summer between junior and senior year. It used to be called mini-buds. It is now known as SOAS, which stands for Seal Officer Assessment and Selection. It is a very competitive process to be selected to attend SOAS, which is by invitation only. A candidate must fill out an application, submit letters of recommendation, and pass the fitness test consisting of a 500-yard swim, push-ups, curl-ups, pull-ups, and a 1.5 mile run. NROTC and Service Academy Midshipmen are assessed together and compete for a BUDS opportunity.


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There are many older threads about this. It’s not an easy path. It can be done. It’s all about prep. Understand the attrition rates. Use the search function. There is a site specific to those training for this community: