NROTC Update

Thanks for your help in clarifying! From reading through the attachments on the email, it definitely appears that he has been awarded scholarship. Just not certain to which school yet. looking forward to the rest of the picture to come into focus! :smile:
I was also awarded my NROTC scholarship today to my first choice school Virginia Tech! :smile:
Congratulations! If you received a scholarship at this board, can you tell us when your application was complete and submitted?

DD had her application completed right before the original 1st board deadline, which I believe was the last week of August.
I also had my application submitted intime for the first original board which was during the end of August, last week of August I believe.
It seems like this is AROTC, board results released, but a small list.

For those not selected remember how the system works. The 1st few boards are about those that no matter what will make the cut, and it is more like a recruitment tool. Easiest comparison. It is an LOA for the SAs. The percentage is incredibly low. Do not read into it if you get the at this time ...will be re-boarded.

Congrats. In case you don't know Hokies are RABID! Chicago Red is her favorite color :shake:. FYI that is the official color of the Maroon. Don't know why, just remember being told it on the new student orientation.

OBTW, make sure you get those push ups to the max. Afterall, every FB game the Corps have cadets doing push ups for the touch downs.
confusion cleared up!

Today the cloud of confusion we were feeling over the email received a few days ago has been lifted. The online portal and email are now in sync. DS has received 4 year NROTC to his 1st choice school! He had already been accepted to that school as well.

He's still hoping the nomination comes through from MOC to follow the LOA, but it's a tremendous weight lifted from him knowing he has options.

He's worked so hard for this, as I know have ALL the young men and women walking this same journey. I admire and am proud of all of you kids. I had no idea what all was involved with this quest until I watched it all unfold with our son. Your perseverance, determination, commitment to serve are qualities that will take you very far in your matter which path your quest takes you.
I thank you for your commitment and desire to serve.

Best wishes to all of you as you start hearing news from MOC's, Annapolis, NROTC, etc!

You just proved my point.

Your DS has an LOA to USNA.
next board?

Does anyone know when the next board will be?? Feeling anxious!
From what I have been told by our naval recruiting office, the boards have been meeting approximately every two weeks, even through the shutdown. But they are holding back on announcing the bulk of the scholarship winners until they get some clarity on the budget situation and sequester. I was told this would be late December.

Hang in there!

That would make a lot of sense because come Jan. 1. if sequester stays in place, they have to cut another 10% out of their budget, which was already cut prior to sequestration.

I believe on the USNA threads they have stated that this yr. they are going to reduce appointments with the goal to get to under 4K within the next few yrs.

AFA did this back in 11. They went from giving about 1650 appoints down to 1300. Many of those kids than went plan B scholarships. Beware if this happens for NROTC, there was an unintended consequence that AFROTC did not expect when the AFA did this cut. So many took plan B, that there were no ICSP's offered the following yr. because the pot of gold was empty.
DS Felt This

Not sure of all the details of the how or why but my DS had the NROTC scholarship and felt this cut two years ago. It was a heart breaker but all was not lost. He is at a nice college, applied for the Academy with his younger brother but pull out so not to get in way of his younger brother.

He is now thinking about applying to the Academy in the next round. He also knows that OCS is also an option as well as enlisting. He recently told me that he just want to serve and it does not matter if it is officer or enlisted.
You have a great DS to step away, but I would have told him to go for it. Do you know how many twins are at the SAs? Fencer's DS's are twins and they both went the same yr. It is not as an uncommon as you may think.
~~~ My favorite memory occurred @4 or 5 yrs ago and a poster was trash talking BCT regarding how easy it would be for him, so bring it on. Lo and behold cadets got on the thread and started to give him a wake up call. He still held ground, believing this site was truly anonymous, which in a way it is. He gave way when one of the cadets chimed in and said:
How many Asian twins from NY do you think we will have come I-Day? :eek::shake:

His poor identical twin brother was not a poster here, and now all we could do was tell him to be kind and have his twin report wearing a t-shirt saying IT WASN'T ME!

Your DS1 may want to visit a recruiter this winter break if he is a jr. in college. Our friend's DS was like your child. He toyed with applying for the AFA and AFROTC as a sr. in hs. He opted not to at that time. He majored in ME, and as a jr. he decided he really wanted to fly in the AF. He started his paperwork @ Feb., and by Aug. of his rising sr. yr. he had been given an OCS slot. He is now at Pcola awaiting UNT.

OCS is a great option, especially this far down the academic pike. SA commissioning does open doors in the beginning, but remember if you look at the long term career, 50% of flag officers are not SA grads. Most notably, Gen Powell.
Thak you...

Thank you Pima. We just picked him up from school last night I will discuss it with him.