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Jan 27, 2009
I don't understand why if I recieved the NROTC-Navy option scholarship that I just can't have it switched to the Marine option. I found out I am colorblind due to my DODMERB evaluations and the only way for me to get a waiver is to be Marine Corps option. I'm sending out a warning to all NROTC applicants....BEWARE!!! If you want Marine Corps...PICK IT...don't let your recruiter tell you that you get to choose it your Junior year. Don't risk the chance. According to a recent email I got, I have to withdraw my scholarship and re-apply under the Marine Option....THE DEADLINE IS FEB 4th and it won't let me start my application until the website is updated with my withdrawn scholarship. My first application took me weeks to prepare to the best it could be and now this is thrown at me?! ....why can't the Navy just say "here, we already gave you the 4 year scholarship....we will just switch it from Navy to Marine option so you can get the waiver..." AHH!!!!! I ALWAYS WANTED MARINE CORPS ANYWAY.....anybody.....ANYBODY....know any way, shape, or form I can overstep the withdrawing of the scholarship and still get a waiver?!!!!!
I'm a navy option midshipman, I know a few marine options (and navy) who have just found out they've been medically cleared and gotten the scholarship to go through. They've started to receive benefits since being cleared. A few others didn't get a scholarship but have been medically cleared and are waiting for the selection to go through. My advice would be enter in the NROTC unit of your choice, as a college programmer if you must (no scholarship status, a few people held this status until all their paperwork cleared). If you can get in touch with DoDMERB or NSTC they are very helpful in sorting this kind of thing out.
The Marine option is clearly marked on the NROTC home page.
My son found out that he too was DQ'd (color vision) for the NROTC scholarship when he did his DoDMERB for the USNA back in July. The NROTC Navy option dropped him immediately and advised him to look at the NROTC MC option scholarship back in August. We finally heard back from them in about October, too late to get on the early boards. The NROTC MC option boards only meet twice a year, and next week starts their 2nd, and last of the year. If you didn't get the application filled by 4 Feb. you will not be reviewed.

I too think it's not the best system but, you have to live with the rules set forth....