NROTC - yellow fever and influenza shots?


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Jun 9, 2006
Did anyone else get a medical request form indicating that incoming Mids must have yellow fever and influenza immunizations before reporting to Indoc?

Influenza I can see as well as meningococcal but yellow fever. Anyone know long it takes to order and receive yellow fever vac?

No FBI forms to fill out in my son's packet, though. And no knee measurements for the uniform page.
It turns out that yellow fever vac is not hard to come by. Our family practice has it (on that handy link that you provided USNA69.)

But the influenza vac is hard to get in the middle of the summer. After 6 contacts I found a place that still has a few for just $20 - but does not accept insurance.

My son just received his package from the NROTC Unit at RPI. The instructions for the DD Form 2766, Adult Preventive and Chronic Care Flowsheet, state that what the unit is looking for is simply the student's blood type. The blood type is needed for the ID card. Optionally, the unit is seeking the results for sickle cell and hematocrit otherwise they will be done by medical at RPI. The instructions also request a copy of immunization records but does not specify any particular shots as being required. DD Form 2766 goes into the service members medical file.
I can see that I need to review these forms more carefully for the labeling because I'm not sure what that one form was titled that asked for the blood type. No request for sickle cell results that I saw.

Now I think that each unit's requirements seem to be different.

Did your son get the lengthy forms to fill out for National Security positions? Standard form 86 (EG)

Wondering also if the volume of paperwork stays consistent throughout Naval service.

Also are active duty and reservists required to get influenza shots every year?
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Hi, I'm new here. Was just browsing the NROTC section and saw this question. My S is a rising jr. on a NROTC scholarship. He was told he did not have to get the shots until just before he was ready to go on his first summer cruise out of the country. He got those immunizations this past April and left a couple of weeks ago for his summer cruise.

That mountain of paperwork is crazy but luckily we've not run into anything of that magnitude since. Good luck to your kids in NROTC.
Thanks, PackMom!

If you get a chance I'd like to hear about your son's experience on his summer cruise. I gather that this was his first one. What were/are the options for summer trainings for NROTC students?

My son works for a landscaper over summers and I wonder if he'll have any time to work over next summer or if the summer trainings take most of the summer break.

Did you go to your son's Indoc the first day? Parents have been invited to witness the oath and then there is a briefing/info session for parents. I'm wondering what to expect there.