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Apr 15, 2009
I want to apply for a NROTC scholarship. I also want to try for the marine option. Is it possible to apply for both seperately?

If not, and I recieve a NROTC scholarship. Would I be able to switch into Marines once I am in college? Thanks for the help!
You must choose Navy or Marine--not both.

From what I hear, it is easier to switch from a Navy scholarship to a Marine Corps scholarship, but the problem is by the time you find out you didn't get a Marine Corps scholarship-they are the hardest to get-it is too late to get a Navy scholarship.

If you want Marine Corps go for it, but the Army and Navy give many more scholarships--no one really knows how many each service gives, but I have heard it is 10 Navy to every 1 Marine.
I got a Marine Scholarship, so if you have any questions just let me know and I'll answer whatever I can. It is more competitive simply because the Marines don't have as many slots as the Navy or Army or Air Force. The Few The Proud: There you have it. The Few. So yeah, if you have any questions let me know. :thumb:
What are the options if you dont get accepted for a nrotc?

Can you still join the unit
Yes, you can still join the unit! Most unit's do their absolute best to get those midshipmen that are not on scholarship to receive a scholarship as soon as possible because that reflects well on the quality of students that make up that particular unit.

I know for the Navy and most other branches, they have scholarship opportunities available for those that wish to earn it. There are plenty of 2 and 3 year scholarships that are given out.
Yes, but if I accept a NROTC scholarship and attend college for a year, am I able to change to Marines or vice-versa?
your best bet is to choose one or the other. Remember the USMC PFT is alot different than the USN PFT. I got a NROTCMC scholarship so if you have any questions just PM me.
Yes, but if I accept a NROTC scholarship and attend college for a year, am I able to change to Marines or vice-versa?

I have heard of people changing during college. This is an option, call any NROTC program at any college and ask.
Marine ROTC

Hi apr8001

My son still hasn't heard if he has been selected or not for a Marine Option NROTC scholarship...when did you hear? Do they even let you know if you were rejected, either by email or a phone call? This waiting game is hard. I've been emailing the Marine Captain in charge of recruiting ROTC applicants for our State, and he has not gotten back to me and it's been over a week. Yikes!!:frown:
Have your son go to the NROTC web site to see his application status. Your NROTC recruiter should be replying to your calls and should know the status as well. Not sure why they are not. Our recruiter called us about 5 to 6 weeks ago. We fully understand the pain of the waiting game. Best of luck to you guys!
Same situation here with S. No response from recruiter and website still showing no decision.
My son heard 4 weeks ago from his recruiter but he didn't get the paperwork until last week (website said paperwork would be sent within 2 weeks).