Nursing ROTC Scholarship


Sep 13, 2017

I had a question about the awarding of Nursing ROTC Scholarships - Army/Navy.

My DS wasn't chosen in the first round, but we weren't shocked. He's a solid candidate just not the top of the list.

My question is this, are the nursing scholarships awarded at the same time as the others? I thought I read in a thread once that the nursing ones aren't awarded until the end.

I have searched and re-read and can't find it. Could be I imagined it!!

Thanks in advance.
Last year the overwhelming majority of the NROTC nurse option scholarships were awarded during the March/April boards. I don't believe there's any rule that requires this, but that's just a data point for you.
DD was awarded AROTC 4 year Nursing scholarship the first board but everything I am reading points toward the majority of the scholarships being awarded in the second and third boards. She is still has to interview for NROTC next week so application is not complete. Only 317 AROTC scholarships were awarded first board so that leaves roughly 1683 scholarships still to be awarded so stay the course.
I don't think the awarding of nursing scholarships is reserved for later rounds - just depends on the merit of the candidates. My DD's application wasn't ready for first round because she hadn't even considered ROTC until after college visits in September/October. She was awarded 4-year nurse AROTC nurse scholarship during second round - her ROO mentioned that based on her application, she may have won during first round if she had been ready, though - that's why I don't think they are reserved.
I'm not sure when all of the nursing scholarships were awarded this past year but my DD received hers in April. Keep in mind, it is my understanding that there have been very few 4 year scholarships awarded to NROTC - Nurse Option candidates the past several years.