Nursing scholarship major change


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Apr 1, 2020
Hey all. I wanted to get some insight on the options that my brother has. Any thoughts would help.

He is an Army ROTC nursing scholarship recipient. He is currently finishing his second semester of his freshman year up. A couple of days ago when he came home (due to quarantine) he told the entire family that he doesn't want to follow through with ROTC. He said he can get out now after his first year and not have to pay the school back. If he decides to stay, he's in it for another 7 or so years. What are his options? Obviously the family wants him to stick it out. Everything is paid for, job will be lined up, etc. I just want him to be happy. I know that he fundamentally does not agree with the military (don't take this the wrong way- it's just his thoughts), especially with the political turmoil that has been transpiring. He doesn't like his university. Also, I'm not sure if nursing is a good fit for him either. Our dad is still active duty and I know that my bro has probably felt the pressure to follow his lead. He's also only 18, I know I was feeling similar to him at that age too. It's a stage of life where you start to question everything. Anyways, what are his options, if any? Is it a possibility for him to change majors, keep the scholarship, and stick it out? Who does he need to talk to? Is there anybody out there who has had a similar experience? It's crunch time for my bro and ultimately, I just want him to be happy and have some options. I don't want him to be tied to something he hates for the next decade of his life but I also don't want him to lose something that could be really good for him. Thanks guys.


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Jan 31, 2010
Short version....your brother is correct that he can exit the program and not owe a dime after his freshman year. If he shows up fro day one of his sophomore year, he's on the hook to re-pay all the money that he or the school has been paid as part of his scholarship. It's also possible for his to switch colleges and/or majors and he could address that with his cadre. Neither are a guarantee but they seem to be generally approved if the cadet is in good standing with the program. All that being said, if he doesn't "fundamentally agree with the military", I'd suggest he actually does find another route through college that will make him happy. He's most likely going to be miserable and if that's the case, the soldiers that work for him most likely won't be getting the leadership they deserve.

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Apr 25, 2018
I agree with the above comments. If bro doesn't agree with the military, "specially with the political turmoil that has been transpiring" and all, why would he want to switch majors and stay ROTC? Free college?

I recommend dropping ROTC and transferring to a new school and a new major after this semester.


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Oct 21, 2010
+1 to Doc. Military personnel need to endure the political turmoil while remaining apolitical. Sounds like he's not up to the job. There is no disgrace in dropping. Many kids do it when they discover the military is not for them.

I know one guy who had a scholarship, dropped, completed his degree and made it to the State Dept. That was his real ultimate goal anyway. I know another who dropped because he didn't think he would be awarded an in-school scholarship. He completed his studies, went to officer training and is a Navy pilot today. The are many ways to skin a cat, but first be happy.