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NWP Questions? Ask away!

Discussion in 'Service Academy Preparatory Schools' started by BrianReed, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. BrianReed

    BrianReed 5-Year Member

    Feb 27, 2011
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    Happy Saturday folks,

    I've had the pleasure of spending last September till December up at NWP. I've noticed that a few people on this forum are planning to take a similar route. If anyone has any specific questions regarding the day-to-day life at NWP I'll be more than glad to answer them. This forum was in fact how I learnt about Northwestern in the first place.

    Ask away! :thumb:
  2. skydivingkittens

    skydivingkittens NWP '12 5-Year Member

    Sep 21, 2011
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    How are the days organized? Schedule?

    What is the curriculum like?

    What is the general atmosphere like?
  3. BrianReed

    BrianReed 5-Year Member

    Feb 27, 2011
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    A typical day at NWP is as follows:

    0600 - Wake up, take a shower, shave, get dressed, make bed, clean up dorm room, go over vocab words.

    Every weekday and on Saturdays, you'll be expected to learn the spelling and definition of twenty new college-level words PERFECTLY (capitalization, punctuation, and format as listed on the definition sheets).

    0700: Head over to the main lodge, sit at a table, meet other folks, go over vocab cards.

    0730: Breakfast

    0800: Pledge, announcements, vocab test, dorm inspection.

    0900 - 1015: College algebra

    1030 - 1145: English

    1200 - 1245: Lunch

    1300 - 1415: Study hall

    1430 - 1545: PT

    1600 - 1715: Chemistry

    1800 - 1845: Dinner

    1900 - 2015: Study Hall

    2030 - 2100: Current events

    2100 - 2200: Study hall

    2300 - Lights out


    I think there was a description of the curriculum of NWP on their website.

    Math covers college algebra and trig. If you think you've mastered those two beforehand, you're wrong. Even if you've taken Calc II in high school Mrs. D will find something you're still hesitant on concerning those two areas.

    English covers syntax and proper grammar usage. You'll come to "love" diagramming sentences, separating the verb from and direct object and noun, identifying and placing the prepositions and infinitives below, all whilst linking two separate diagrams differently depending on the type of conjunction you have.

    Chemistry is first-semester college chemistry without the lab. The teacher, Dr. Noble, is quite a character. He's got humor, in an interesting way. That'll make sense when you get there.

    PT.....Oh baby! The coach, Coach Harrison, WILL make sure you'll be in the best shape you've/you'll ever be in in your life. Be prepared to run.....a LOT. You'll learn to go perfect pushups very quickly.

    The general atmosphere is really nice - after a few days, you come to realize that we're all going into this 'challenge' together so you form really tight bonds with essentially everyone there. You'll learn to tutor your friends in your strong subjects, whilst be tutored in those you're weak on. During one of the few PT challenges you'll face, its a great feeling to know that you've got friends on both sides ready to help you out if need be. When it comes to dorm inspections (where the expectations of the state of the room [and especially the beds!] will increase exponentially), you (or one of your roommates) will help show another how to make the perfect hospital corner, sheet folds,
    smiley pillows', and wrinkle-free blankets. You'll create friendships that'll last throughout your entire life.


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