NWU Type iii During 2022 Plebe Summer?


Jan 15, 2017
This is a random question, but does anyone know if the class of 2022 will be issued the new NWU Type iii uniform during plebe summer, or will they still be issued the “blueberries”?
Yep...pretty random question, and unlikley anyone here knows for sure (unless we have someone from USNA Supply lurking here -- I suspect they are already placing orders for I Day issue)

Someone closer to the Yard may be able to weigh in...but it appears to me that USNA issue is essentially consistent with Fleet issue. I haven't followed the NWU drama, but would expect that USNA issue would be what the Fleet is wearing (and perhaps with a little forward looking ).
I read somewhere that USNA would be issued type III by July 1 so it's possible. I wish I could remember where I read it.