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Nov 7, 2016
Hi, was just wondering if anyone could give me any advice for the interviews for Congressman Israel. I would appreciate if you could PM me any info/advice you can give. Thank you.
I have some info that may help but you will need more messages to receive PM's. PM me when you can. As you know, he is retiring and his team of interviewers will make this his final slate of nominations. The same thing happened with our DD (with a different MOC). If you search MOC interviews, you will find out a lot of what to expect; interview attire, for example:
For example:
As you probably know Tom Suozzi will take over for Steve Israel. Here is what to expect.
You will receive a letter for an interview sometime in early January. Mr. Connors
ran the interviews in prior years. Your interview will be with a panel of about 3.
There are about 3 panels. Dress proper. Ask your ALO also he will help you.
On Or About The Last Day Of January 2017. Mr. Connors will call you if you received a nomination.
That is how this office worked prior to Tom Suozzi. It will probably be the same this year.

Senator Chuck Schumer has a board of one for the interview. You will be called after Thanksgiving
and interviews will be the 1st 3 weeks of December in NYC.

Senator Gillibrand, don't expect to hear from her on Long Island. If you do. You are a supporter. (donor)
Good luck.
Senator Gillibrand, don't expect to hear from her on Long Island. If you do. You are a supporter. (donor)
Good luck.

Interesting. My son received a call and has an interview with Senator Gillibrand's team. We are not supporters or donors. We have never met her or her team. We live on Long Island. Maybe things have changed.
Its about time I hear from my local house of rep for an interview. Anyone have experience with Lori Copland from Eliot Engels office? Or anything about the competativeness of this district for USMA? The 16th district includes the northern Bronx and the southern half of Westchester County, including the suburban cities of Mount Vernon, Yonkers, and Rye. I was wondering if these areas were competetive. Thanks
I live in New Rochelle and one other person from NRHS is applying to the USNA. I suggest you call Lori Copland. I called because I was impatient. Good Luck!
Hi every. Hope you are all doing well. I just wanted to make a thread of the NY nominations that were given this year. I will start off.

More interesting! What district? 2?

We are congressional district 1 Lee Zeldin. On another note, my son received a call from Senator Gillibrand's rep letting him know that he has received her nomination for USAFA and a letter from Lee Zeldin also with a nomination to USAFA
Hi momx3, Im just curious, do you know anyone else in the NY16 area who applied to Eliot Engel for a USMA nom?
Congratulations to your DS. You only need one nomination but 2 is outstanding! It gives USAFA options as to who to charge the nomination to if he gets an appointment. Last year Senator Gillibrand had nominations in the 1st Dist. Hamptons and also 2nd Dist. Oyster Bay. Her nominations are usually money towns. Again Congratulations! Best Of Luck!
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