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Well guys we have almost made it to the end of this cycle. Some of our kids got in, some are heading to prep and some will take ROTC. Some will try agin next year.

Anyone interested in meeting up for lunch in the city PM me. We are practically family at this point! We can keep each other sane - or at least share the insanity. ;p

If you are visiting NYC! Let me know. All welcome!
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Best wishes to your family, CmeB45. Nice of you to extend the invite. In the end, service is what matters, regardless of how you get there.


Never been to NYC, that will change soon, as my DS is going to USMMA!
Can’t wait!

You will love it! I have lived here since 2004. Can't imagine anywhere else in the world. And I am Australian born!! But in the USA longer than I was ever in AUS.

Reach out and I will show you how the locals see Manhattan.


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NYC Naval Academy Parents’ Club is having its annual Welcome Aboard meeting on June 15th @ 13:00 location Marine Corp League Staten Island . Open to incoming 2023 NYC plebes and families interested in being part of our community. It’s all about support and friendships as our mids maneuver through USNA and beyond . The NYCNAPC includes all 5 boroughs of New York City and has a calendar of events each year throughout the city .