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Oct 13, 2017
Hello, I need help with a couple questions concerning MEPs and waivers. Since birth I have been diagnosed with slow beat congenital nystagmus in both eyes and refractive amblyopia in my right eye. My left eye is 20/30 on paper but technically I see 20/20. My right eye is 20/400. I do not have any trouble with vision since I have had it since birth and have adapted and can see fine. I am 18yrs old and in great physical shape with good muscle development and I have no other limitations. Good high school GPA, participated in athletics, did decent on my practice asvab (56), am very motivated for the military and plan on doing it
for a career. I am wanting to do a reserve enlistment with the Marine Corps as a infantryman. My recruiter is taking a chance and sending me to MEPs next week and told me not to say anything about my eye and just to play dumb if they say anything about it. I am wondering if I will be DQ’d and if so is there any possibility of me obtaining a waiver.
Shouldn't use your real name on any public forum. This site is mostly for those who plan to apply to a service academy or be in a college ROTC program.

The DODMERB exam for those individuals ask a series of medical history questions. Not good to lie about something that shows on your medical history no matter which program you are pursuing.