Odd portal request for additional information-thoughts please


Jan 31, 2018
My DD had an odd request on her portal this morning. It is requesting additional information but all of her sections are green. See the image below. There is a period at the beginning and end of every line but no "X's" or anything. She has followed up (we are waiting for a response) but I wanted to know if anyone else had this show up. Thanks.

There was a message about these going out by mistake. We actually got a TWE with the letter inside last week. That caused some excitement
Thanks. Hers just showed up today on the portal. We have not received anything at the house.
Following up with your RC is the best thing you can do. They are the only people who can tell you what is still needed.
She replied to the RC's candidate technician who was the signatory on the letter. The RC has instructed her to follow up with the tech before so I feel like this is the right thing to do. Thanks.
OK, now it has been a week since we received the above letter and it is a week until the application window closes. We have done the following-
  • Emailed the signatory on the letter on Wednesday 2/14 asking for clarification about what, if anything is missing. The signatory is part of the RC's team (candidate support technician)and the RC has told us to contact her for assistance in the past. As of today, we have received no reply.
  • Sent a similar response through the portal "Contact Us" function on Sunday, 2/18. Received the system auto reply that it had been received but nothing has changed on her portal and no clarification has been sent.
  • Emailed the FFR on Monday 2/19 and asked if he could help. He responded quickly and said everything looked complete when he logged in. He was confused by it and said he would check with his contact in admissions. We have not heard back from him since Monday. DD plans to do a follow up email tonight or tomorrow (studying math right now).
  • Called Candidate Support Tech on 2/20 and had to leave a message. I listened to DD leave the message and she summarized the situation, left her name, candidate number and a return number. No response as of 7:00 PM tonight, 2/21.
  • Called the RC immediately after calling the signatory. His outgoing voice mail message instructed her to call the Candidate Support Technician.
I work as an admin level user on a database that contains thousands of kids and has multiple users entering services provided. Our end users have to rely on reports to get useful data because there are just too many kids and too many services to search one at a time. I know that those reports can have glitches. This makes me concerned that the RC's and their staff are using reports to generate the lists of who has a complete file and who does not. If my DD is on that incomplete list then she is not even getting in front of admissions for a decision. If she gets an email next Thursday informing her that her file is closed because it was not complete, I don't want to be in a position of thinking that we did not do everything we could to fix this situation.

I don't want to break protocol and escalate this needlessly, but I worry if there is something missing that it might take a few days to get it fixed on our end. This would be especially true if it is the CFA as she has to arrange for her JROTC CPT to administer the test and I have arrange time off to video tape it. Can anyone advise me on what the appropriate next steps should be? Email the RC? Call and leave a message for him? A different option. I know they are busy but this is getting more time critical by the day.
It was a long weekend and they are busy. I would suggests reaching out to your FFR again. they have a more direct line to admissions.
Listen, you have done everything. Are her little circles green on the portal? If the answer is yes, then stop worrying. Do they have her 7th semester transcript? Is her DODMERB stuff done? Is her nomination showing on the portal. Is her CFA green on the portal? An empty check sheet means nothing is missing. Have your daughter call the tech and the RC before school and after school--do not leave any additional messages. I know you all want peace of mind.

Did you read Old Corps' message above. Clearly he has seen something you have not seen. @Oldcorps where did you see that these items were sent out in error to applicants whose packets were complete?
I feel your pain KYP. We have all walked in your shoes or are walking with you right now. You all have done everything right and now something wonky happens. First the hurry up and now the long wait. Sorry.
I feel your pain KYP. We have all walked in your shoes or are walking with you right now. You all have done everything right and now something wonky happens. First the hurry up and now the long wait. Sorry.
It is frustrating and the main concern is that she has put in all this work and that it could come to nothing over a computer glitch.
I would assume the letter does not mean much. I received the letter around the same time and there was a check next to the CFA (which I had not submitted at that time). My guess would be that they used an automated system that sent out the letter and may have accidentally sent some to those already complete (since there were no checks). Of course that is my guess and following up with the RC or FFR would not hurt.
My DS got a TWE with the same requesting 7th semester grades that we had already sent in. It was dated three weeks prior (we live in Germany). I almost had a complete heart attack when I opened my mailbox and saw this thing sitting there.
Thanks to everyone for weighing in. Just putting it out there and seeing the responses has helped calm some of the nerves. Hopefully we will hear something today.
DD just forwarded an email from her FFR. He has heard back from the RC and all is well. File is complete and the FFR says her file looks great. Woo! Thanks everyone for your kind and thoughtful responses. I am hopeful that I will be able to return the favor for future worried candidates.
When it rains it pours. Her 3Q letter just appeared in her portal! We are equal parts relieved and excited. I don't know if she will get an appointment, but I am thrilled that she at least gets to compete.
Just one more week till the application window closes and things start moving.