Oddity of ROTC SCholarship process

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    Two weeks ago my DS received a letter from AF indicating that he would not receive a AFROTC scholarship. Upon receiving the letter, A very disappointed DS informed his AFJROTC commander of the news. LT. Col calls General (brother) to find out what the problem was. On Monday Lt. Col. informs DS that although his fitness scores were qualifying (cross country runner almost maxes out run but is low on upper body strength) the board thought they were too low to be competitive. When he got home from school he discovered a BFE from USNA, his first choice. It really showed us that anything can and does happen during this process. Just remember that all hope is never lost and if you work hard enough you can find a path to your goal. A very happy DS will be reporting to the USNA on I-day, June 27.
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    This is actually not uncommon.

    AFROTC scholarships are national---college selection/costs are not a factor, majors are. SA appointments are geocentric. IOTW your DS had the highest WCS for his nom slate for USNA. If he also applied to the AFA, and got the nom, you might have a 2nd BFE because of the slate.

    Every yr there are AFA cadets that get the TWE from AFROTC, but the BFE from the AFA.

    Congrats on the appointment, and you are correct it is never over. My point was to only illustrate that selection processes are different within each branch for ROTC and also for SA appointments.


    OBTW don't be shocked if he gets a AFA appointment because again appointments are offered from the nom slate, and later on it becomes the National pool.

    I personally know 4 posters here over the yrs that got TWE from AFROTC, but BFEs from AFA.

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