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    Hi I know this are hated on the forum but I just want to know if I'm being realistic. I've been accepted into vmi being my reach school I'm pretty happy. I cannot go without the scholarship due to money issues.
    My gpa 3.3
    sat 1250
    act 26
    4 years of marine corp jrotc
    2 years of being a platoon leader, unit leader on drill team (armed inspection)
    cadet company first sgt as well
    2 years of cross country
    2 years of track and field
    My pft score was a 240
    100+ hours in community service
    my interview wasn't to long but the officer seem really intreased In my jrotc background
    I have alot more under my belt but those are key points I made in application and interview
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    My DS had better academic numbers than you across the board. His PFT was 260 something. 4 years of wrestling and 2 years of track. A couple hundred hours of community service. He did not get a scholarship. However, he did not have your MCJROTC experience nor your leadership experience. I definitely would NOT say you're out of the running. If you do get a scholarship it will be that ROTC and leadership experience which puts you over the top. Of course, all that is just my opinion and guesses. Take it with a grain of salt and keep working backup plans.

    BTW - Keep in mind that you may decide that NROTC is not for you (I doubt it in your case but it happens). Alternatively you might do something stupid and lose the scholarship - that does happen and I see it every year regardless of how long one has been in NROTC. I've seen seniors screw up within months of being commissioned and having to pay back the tuition the service paid for them. That's why I frequently recommend that even with a scholarship, folks attend a school they can afford without it... otherwise you'll be "struggling" to find another school. Just some food for thought. Every person is different and hopefully knows themselves far better than I.
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    The leadership / MJROTC is a plus. So is track, although the PFT is low. A lot of factors make up the decision.

    Here's a good article by an officer I know that used to sit on the boards.


    What does your local/district recruiting rep think of your chances? Are they in contact? Did your package make the November board and did the recruiter give feedback?

    Last year my son didn't get a scholarship and communication was lacking in spite of emails to the office by him. This year, the new XO made it a mission to stay in monthly contact with all the young men and women he put in front of the board. My son was selected in the early board and will have the 4 year scholarship go in effect the start of his sophomore year. FWIW, the XO kinda scratched his head on why he wasn't selected last year -- but again there was little to no communication out of the previous office.

    To expand on the comment about the low PFT score...The general rule is a score of at least 275 or better is competitive. Each district is different, but to put it in perspective, last year my son had a 280+ PFT, 30 ACT, graduated 53 out of 1150 in his class, Young Marines, Community Service, etc -- and didn't make it. He ended up in the college program, did really well, and earned the 4 year scholarship this year during the early board. As LtCol Bell points out, strength and balance are a big part of what is considered.
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    Let me tell you from experience that just because you're "below average" in one category does not rule you out. I had a 23 ACT. The minimum is a 22. However, I had a long list of leadership experience including Eagle Scout, and a ton of community service hours, as well as a 292 PFT. I was not selected my senior year of high school, but was picked up on the early board my 1st semester as a college program at school. I realize the financial issue, so college program may not be an option. The point of this is that you do not need to be a top notch perfect individual in every category, but if you show effort (to your XO, who briefs the board on your package) in every one and show room for improvement and willingness to improve, they will take note of this for your benefit.
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    I am of the opinion that it isn't the PFT score nor the ACT nor leadership experience, community service, application, recommendations or any other individual aspect. Then there is an interview with a Marine Officer who provides a recommendation that is never seen by the applicant. Scholarships are earned based on the total package inclusive of all of these things. Your posted scores are as good as some who earned scholarships and lower than others who haven't.

    Good luck
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