Off Campus Customs and Courtesy


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Mar 8, 2017
If you are an MSII and one of your roommates is the BC (CDT LTC) and you are both together in a private environment e.g. in your driveway, do you still salute? I have to imagine you do because you are still in uniform but yet again, it is a pretty high rank for a Cadet. Would it be the same with a CDT 2LT?
You absolutely never need to salute another cadet. I understand some programs are more serious about rank structure and positions than others, but you especially do not need to if it is not an ROTC sanctioned ceremony or event. As far as I am concerned, you should only ever be saluting commissioned Army officers.
My son who just is a 1st Lt lives with a Captain. Every morning when they wake up, my son has to salute him in his pajamas. They are very formal. ;) AF pilots seems to be very informal especially during training. At pilot training, they have a no salute rule in their campus section of the base. Additionally, classes are up of 1st and 2nd Lts, Captains and i think one guy who just turned major (i could be wrong) so they dont salute either as they are all students. I think full Colonels and above are saluted at all times as they arent seen that often but below that, all of the officers seem to fraternize well at social occassions.