Offered Candidates: Fingerprint Cards and Secret Clearance (e-QIP)

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    DS completed long weekend and wonderful overnight experience yesterday at USMA!

    While DS was at WP, he scheduled time to complete fingerprinting with West Point Installation Security Office (ISO). The ISO Chief told DS this is the first year that they are requiring fingerprinting prior to R-Day.

    ISO Chief shared that the following 2-Step, sequential process for USMA Class of 2016:

    1) Fingerprint Cards: Two(2) cards will be sent in April mailing along with a return envelope to WP ISO. Letter will specifically outline where you can be fingerprinted such as local police department, military base, etc.

    2) e-QIP (Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing): Must complete and turn in Fingerprint cards to WP ISO before you will be granted access to e-QIP online security. ISO Chief said email will be sent directly to you with link and access information for e-QIP. It will state in email message that you will only have five (5) days to access and complete e-QIP.

    Hope this helps clarify this part of the process!
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