!!Official DoDMERB Clarification!!


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May 31, 2008
This will NOT be brief, but hopefully will enlighten some of the critics.

I will clarify what some may think is my inappropriate approach to answering many of the questions out there. In many cases, I ask for full name and last 4 of SSN for those applicants who have already undergone a DoDMERB exam. Aside from the privacy issues, it allows me to get a more accurate picture of what is/will be the basis for our determination; what the status would be, if any, from a waiver authority; and to better expalin the issues at hand.

I also try and specifically answer the questions. If you look at the thread called "marijuna," you'll see that thread became a sweater on a number of issues...not what the initial posting asked.

The Forums "needs" to operate the way it does and flourishes. It is one of the best vehicles out there for it's intended purpose!

That said, I try and prevent misinformation and address specifics, rather than incomplete, sometimes inaccurate, and often times incomplete labels. There is no one out there other than I, that can accurately address individual situations. When you apply a broad brush in my business, you'll be wrong 99.9% of the time. Unless you are a physician, stating exactly what you know to be true, because it is your history and/or your evaluation of the condition, you still are not even close to answering the ultimate question as to whether you get "IN" or not. There's no way for anyone to know, even our resident USUHS grad, what will or won't be waived. When folks "guess," it may be perceived by the recipient as the law of the land. That is NOT what the Forums wishes to achieve.

In summary, folks can always post...under the existing rules of the Forums, whether they appreciate my response or not. Critiques are welcomed. My focus, is to provide accurate information to the individuals that make the postings; not to reduce the social network phenomenon or interchange between the "members.":thumb:
Hey folks,

I have to add something here.

I'm the Deputy Liaison Officer Director for Arizona. I have been an AF Liaison Officer for 14 years.

Until I discovered this forum, on the recommendation of one of my CANDIDATES, I hadn't found a "decent" way to get ANY information re: DODMERB. And folks, my father is a retired "Surgeon General" of an AF MAJCOM! In other words, I have access to a bunch of folks from his "old buddy" network and in my ALO position.

Mr. Mullen has truly added something to the matrix that DID NOT EXIST only a few short years ago. And it was a major "nightmare" for ALO's and candidates alike: the dreaded DODMERB "letter."

USE this forum...PM him at his e-mail address and understand that you're getting in touch with THE person that can tell you! I can't...and neither can anybody in admissions.

But he can!


Stephen E. Wood, Lt Col, USAFR
Mr. Larry Mullin is a valuable resource here that should be appreciated.
My son received a DQ for the USNA with a color vision deficiency and Larry Mullin walked us through the remedial process. To say that he was helpful and efficient is a gross understatement. He was on the phone almost 24/7 (literally!) helping my son work his way through a difficult and discouraging situation with encouragement. His Director is also unbelievably helpful, a credit to the DoDMERB.

Thank you Larry, I appreciated everything you did for us. BTW, my son (one of the thousands you've helped with this year alone) is still waiting to hear back from the USNA on the eye waiver and the USMA but, in the meantime, he accepted an offer from The Citadel and is working on a waiver from the NROTC for the Marine Corps option, light at the end of the tunnel at last!
Excellent!!!! My Director will be soooo happy that another one is going to the Citadel:smile: Thx for the kind accolades:thumb:
Yes! Mr. Mullen has been an amazing help with my whole DoDMERB process and experience! We are truly greatful to have such a helpful person on our forum. I want to thank you Mr. Mullen for all your help. BTW I also accepted my offer to The Citadel and am waiting for my NROTC marine option waiver as well :shake:
For those candidates for the Service Academy or ROTC programs, DODMERB is sometimes a daunting endeavour. I know myself, I just got finished (with help from Mr. Mullen) and am now qualified.

His position from which to assist, level of expertise, and dedication to the candidates is without equal in any dealings I've had with the Academies or DODMERB so far.

If you need help with the DODMERB process, talk to Mr. Mullen. He's the best!

Thanks again!
Thx for the compliments. My pleasure to serve:thumb:
THis is kind of unrelated but I just checked DODMERB and it says that letter DD2386 went out today. Is this a Qualification letter or disqualification letter? Thanks:smile:
Well Molloy09, send me an email with your full name and Last 4 and I can tell you. I know we;ve corresponded before, but in that I work with thousands of folks, I don't remeber who you are with this "handle."

And U R right....your question was totally unrelated to this thread...but that's OK:thumb:
Mr. Mullen a Tremendous Resource for this Forum

Thank you Mr. Mullen for your participation in this forum. Your prompt and professional responses are a great service to candidates and their supporters.

You were a big help to my daughter for her waiver, and by reading the various threads here, you have been and continue to be a big help to so many others.

Best Regards,

Pete in PA.
Speaking as the parent of an applicant who has been through the whole physical/DQ/waiver process, I can't say enough good things about Mr. Mullen and what I have witnessed him do for this process. I'm sure we could have stumbled through on our own but I suspect our early contact with Mr. Mullen cut the time required by weeks if not months. I know for a fact that it reduced our anxiety level considerably.

I don't know what prompted Mr. Mullen to start this thread but I can read between the lines. Many of us (applicants and parents of applicants) feel like we are trying to feel our way through a dark room. This forum is where we call out to each other and ask if anyone knows where to find the door. The answers we get from each other are interesting, sometimes helpful and often incorrect or irrelevant. The answers we see come across the wire from Mr. Mullen are often not very interesting ("give me your name and last 4") but they ARE correct. In other words, in that dark room, he is the guy who says "Give my your hand and I'll show you where YOUR door is located. I can only show one of you at a time because, since each case is different, that's the only thing that makes sense."

It's nice to hear the stories of what others are going through and what has or has not worked out for them. We just need to keep this anecdotal information in perspective and appreciate that, in Mr. Mullen, we have what most internet forums will never have: a real expert, with access and a willingness to help.

- aprouddad (aka Tolstoy)
Mr Mullen helped my son and I navigate his way over this summer -- we anticipated a potential issue that could have detoured his plans but Mr. Mullen helped us determine what records we would need, what medical exams we could do on our own to clear what would otherwise appear to be a disqualifying condition and what final records to send. His sense of humor, empathy, hard work and unbelievable efficiency made what could have been a bureaucratic nightmare one of the nicest encounters I have ever had with a governmental entity.

His only potential "downside" is his apparent addiction to his blackberry (his response time has averaged between 2 nanoseconds and 3 minutes) which may cause a road hazard if he's ever behind the wheel....

One question to aka Tolstoy (is that your name or did Mullen give it to you?) :wink:
Who the heck could complain about him? He's a lovable guy
aprouddad = Thx! It's what makes all of this worth it:thumb: And you do have the correct perspective of why I do, what I do, and how I do it:smile:

= I actually read this 4 hours ago and have torn all the pillows in this Newport News hotel room...chomping on the bit NOT to respond so quickly. I just couldn't bear it anymore:smile: Actually, I went out to dinner and was answering other Forum questions on my email (again, I can only be logged into one thing at a time becasue the Forums is "blocked" on the government side of things)

Maximus = It doesn't get any better than that:thumb:
I will be traveling home tomorrow and will be off the net until 1500 MDT:shake:
One question to aka Tolstoy (is that your name or did Mullen give it to you?) :wink:

Yes, Mr. Mullen gave me that nickname. My first email to him must surely have exceeded the limits of his trusty Blackberry but, thankfully, not his seemingly infinite patience.
U R entirely welcome! It is our pleasure:thumb: Congrats to her and NOW her task begins:smile: