Official USNA Candidate that wants to Play Baseball at Navy

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by diamondssouthpaw7, Aug 24, 2010.

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    have completed all of my application items and have had my BGO interview. I am now putting the finishing touches on my applications for nomination from my MOCs. I recently attended the Baseball Summer Leadership Camp and attended my CVW this past spring. I would like to play for the Navy Baseball Team if I get an appointment. I had some interest from the pitching coach who spoke with my summer ball coaches at East Cobb WWWBA Tourney in July. Unfortunately that coach has now left Navy. Any word of advice about how to approach the rest of the staff? Any input on how the baseball team recruits? I figure they lobby the admissions office for a few players, but what about the rest of the team roster? I am a left-handed pitcher and think I can contribute to the Navy team. I also play high school golf. My grades are very competitive, my SATs are good, and I take my math and science courses at the community college through the Chesapeake Bay Governor's School Program. Not sure if I will be lucky enough to receive an LOA but...
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    Try making a performance DVD (of you pitching) and sending it to them. Also, remind them that you attended their camp. If you truly impressed them, despite the pitching coach being gone, they'll probably still have notes on you.

    Even if you are not directly recruited, you can always try out for any of the academy's sports teams.
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    It may be more productive to have your baseball coach make the contact with Navy and provide the video and analysis of your abilities as a pitcher. This approach has the promise of being more objective from the perspective of the Navy coach and also cuts out a middle step as I strongly suspect that were you to initiate the contact sooner or later Navy would want to hear from your current coach. Best wishes.

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