One Time Marijuana Use


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Jan 2, 2017
Happy New Year Everyone,

I am applying for the USCGA class of 2021. I am curious on how my past marijuana use will effect my application. I smoked marijuana once. I was riding in the back seat of a car with some of my teammates after a team dinner when the driver got marijuana out of his glove box. They passed it around the car, I puffed it once and started to have regrets, so I asked to be dropped off. That was it. I never smoked again. I understand that I really messed up and take full responsibility for my actions. The USCGA hasn't asked me about my past drug use yet, but I assume they will at some point, and DoDMERB will definitely ask. I am going to be completely honest about in when asked. Would I have any chance of receiving an appointment with past MJ use on my record?

I understand why the Coast Guard wouldn't want past Marijuana users, since they are fighting the war are drugs. However, aside from my one time Marijuana use, I fill that my application is pretty competitive.

I would appreciate any answers that any of you could give me.

Do a search there are lots of post on past marijuana use. Be honest when you complete your medical history. It is the consensus that one time use will not be an issue.
There are people here who have smoked several times in high school but are now successful cadets. They probably didn't list it on their DodMerb and they haven't had any problems yet. I would not worry about it especially if it was a one time thing that you regret. Don't guilt yourself over it too much man
Agree with 5Day. Be honest. You don't want to live your life worrying if your prior smoking of marijuana is going to come up in a security check. The lying about it is a much bigger offense.