online application not there!


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Oct 20, 2008
Online Application
My son just went on to the USNA web site, put in his passwords and all the login information to the online application area and it came back "No records found". Before we panic, has this happened to anyone? Do they pull it once it is complete? He knows it is all done, but just went on to make sure there were no other messages or anything. The admissions office is closed and we sent an email to the webmail address, but rather than worrying all night that his application is lost in cyber space, I just thought I would ask. He just received a letter from the admissions office telling him he was in competition for the VP nomination, so I assume his file is not lost altogether...just wondering.
Check SSN

We've seen the SSN get typo'd during DoDMERB. Check them all and make sure no typo's.:shake: Good luck!!
Don't panic. Double check that you've typed everything in right. If that doesn't work, try again in an hour. If it still doesn't work, send admissions, or better yet, your admissions officer an email. Be sure to include you candidate number in the email. I'm sure the application isn't lost. Things don't get lost with the electronic system the way they do with paper. Don't loose any sleep over it.