Op Sail 2012 in NY Harbor 23 May

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    If you like tall ships, you'll want to check out Op Sail 2012. This Wednesday, there will be a flotilla up the Hudson River from the Verrazano Bridge to the George Washington Bridge starting at 0800. Op Sail's website is http://www.opsail.org/; according to the schedule, KP's own Summerwind will be part of the parade of ships. To watch online, check out http://www.nyharborwebcam.com/; they have said that they plan to do a live webcast Wednesday morning. (Their webcam is at a bed and breakfast on Staten Island near the Verrazano; they have really great quality.:thumb:) This event coincides with NYC's annual Fleet Week, and there will be a number of Navy ships in port. Here's the Fleet Week website: http://www.fleetweeknewyork.com/.

    Looks like I won't be getting much work done Wednesday morning....:biggrin:

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