Open house


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Jul 10, 2007
Anyone else going to the USCGA open house on the 20th?
We visited the USCGA over the summer but my husband did not go with us so my daughter is working on maybe doing this with him since he didn't get the opportunity.
If you get a chance to go deff go. I believe that is a super Sat event. When i was looking at cga I went and it was a blast. helpful info and just a day of fun. you get a tour ask questions. If you get a chance try to meet Captain Bibeau, She is the Director of admissions and is very helpful. Remember she's the one who can make it a yes or a no.
I hope you have a great time Ben - I have fond memories of visiting USCGA last October with my daughter - we had a terrific time.

The campus is beautiful, the facilities, program and faculty are top notch. Have a great time and give us a full report!!
The flight up from NC was really bad because of constant delays due to weather and I didn't get to the hotel until 5:00AM. I slept for 2 and a half hours and then went to the Open House.
The day consisted of 2 panels to ask questions and a tour of the beautiful campus. My favorite part of the day was sitting down and having lunch in th wardroom with us prospectives and some of the students. We also got the treat of seeing 2 helicopters that flew up from Elizabeth City Air Station. The day capped off with free time to just walk the campus or shop at the Exchange. Overall I was impressed by the campus, students, and staff. As expected the program seems to be very challenging, but rewarding.