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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by paradoxer, Jan 6, 2015.

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    A Young Marine high school student who can participate in sports like soccer but knows he won't be able to pass the DODMERB exam is wondering what options exist to continue to be involved in a military community during college. (Besides the first two years of ROTC courses.)
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    I don't think there is, BUT, before he goes down that rabbit hole, he needs to investigate if his medical issues are waiverable. DoDMERB DQs, commissioning sources waive.

    I have a cousin that did not receive a waiver, but he works for the Army as a GS. Was even stationed in Peru for a few years and is now up for the opportunity to move again if he so chooses.
    ~ Caveat: His degree and the university from which he obtained his degree probably were a factor. He went to Georgetown. Interned on the Hill for a Senator for 2-3 years as a college student. That parlayed into getting his GS position.

    They could also look into degrees where defense contractors hire. I have another cousin that works for Booze Allen, she has/had no desire to serve in the military, but her job is closely tied to the DoD.

    Lockheed, Boeing, Pratt and Whitney, Rand,and Raytheon all come quickly to mind for career opportunities that support the military.

    Finally, I would also say look into the State Department. I get he is not in college, but if he knows without a doubt he cannot get a waiver, it is an option.
    ~ Bullet as an O4 went to what is called PME (Professional Military Education). I recall that there were other students that were civilians from the State Department. This school is the military's Masters degree. It is a one year assignment and your job is to be a student.

    I would say do ROTC as long as it does not impact his grades. It is something that when he graduates may have an impact on job opportunities.
    ~ Another caveat: I live in No.VA and many employers are DoD related. Understanding, even a very small aspect of the military may give them an edge.
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    "involved in a military community during college"

    Taking Paradoxer at face value that the student will not pass the DODMERB exam and making the assumption that military service will not be an option, I would start the brainstorming and hopefully others can add.

    Attend Texas A&M or other schools that have military cadet corps without the requirement that you go into military
    Volunteer at a Veteran's facility
    Take ROTC classes as a regular student
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    Take a look at the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M. Its a great military environment, but they still put great emphasis on academics.
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    • Civil Air Patrol
    • Military Auxiliary Radio System
    • US Coast Guard Auxiliary.
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    To parallel Gokings advice... There are many ways to "serve" your community and country. Often times young people get fixated on one notion of service and fail to realize that there are other options to give back and scratch that itch for some action at the same time...

    * Local SAR teams/services
    * Police agencies and auxillaries
    * Volunteer Fire department
    * Local outdoor clubs that teach survival / wilderness skills
    * FEMA disaster response teams

    Sounds like a fine young man with lots of options so don't let him lose heart!
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