Orientation stories

immense apologies

that was HILARIOUS... Just so you know what the rest of us were thinking:thumb:

Okay.. well I was not going to bring that up... but yes to my chagrin somehow I thought KT was female... and he needed a ride to second dinner.. and I thought it was "Katie".. so I told my daughter to go down and talk to the girls and find out which one Katie was... and when "he" raised his hand my daughter and I were super surprised...:eek: and in no way were we able to hide it, because my daughter and I had made "female friendly plans" in our own minds with Katie. We even indicated so in a PM to KT....So I was so sorry and so embarrassed. When recalling my email to him, I thought.. OMG, what an idiot am I. He was very gracious though....although he sat as far away as possible at the next dinner... LOL.. not that I blame him!!!!!!!!!:shake:
hornet... don't blow my cover yet! there's still one my orientation! haha. staffs won't get released for another week or so, since interviews for NCO positions aren't over until middle of next week. so we'll see what happens. i will get to see quite a view of you during BCT tho.

on that note, funny story related to orientation: the 4th class rep in my squadron this semester (i was a training NCO and interacted with him often) apparently attended one of the dinners last year. he recognized me, but i didn't know he knew me until he mentioned it to me last week, long after Recognition. i also just found out last week that i've been in choir with someone who was on these forums before she got here
okay, i'm trying to piece these things together. where was this so called awkward kid sitting? and so that was weathermom's daughter who stood up and asked for a kt and was like 'oh?!' when she saw a guy raise his hand..

Keep in mind, these events are over the course of BOTH the "early" Olive Garden dinner, and the "late" Famous Dave's dinner. WXMom, wasn't it at the latter that we were checking out the Laughing Lab?!! :biggrin:
the "awkword kid" lol was only at the later dinner. And honestly, my favorite part was Hornet: "hey Jon, there actually is a K'Nex class that you take..jk"
Jon: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!" and later "Wait, your not an appointee?....oh....oops" haha amazingly funny night. My abs hurt from laughing so hard for like, two hours. Thanks guys (except i was bummed i had to miss the pool party lol ) :rolleyes:
Tale of two dinners

yes, RapDad, it was the latter dinner, although parents were down on the other end of the table, so I was not privvy to anything going on at the time. I just thought some kids were a little nervous....or they all know each other really well and were getting along re-telling some old stories. I did walk down at one point and kind of interrupt and introduce myself to Hornet...
Yeah..my "goof" was at Olive Garden, but you all saw that. :rolleyes: My daughter really had nothing to do with it... she was just the messenger. I am sure she was proud to be affiliated at that moment. :thumb:
I just thought some kids were a little nervous....or they all know each other really well and were getting along re-telling some old stories.
It did feel like we were just old friends. It was weird because Kt and I are really the only ones who had met in person before last Sunday, but it's nice to have such a huge common bond between everyone already. These relationships are gonna be what gets us through the next four years and beyond. Can't start early enough...
It was weird because Kt and I are really the only ones who had met in person before last Sunday

Not true. Me and Craig met like 3.5 hours before that dinner in Dallas. We really got to be friends on our cross country trek from the hotel to Famous Dave's. Sprinting across that 10 lane highway was a real bonding experience. :shake:
BEFORE LAST SUNDAY. you guys met that day. i worded the post to account for this. lol. plane flight is good though. but i still win this one :p
Always so technical. Who pays that much attention to details?
you'll be paying so much more attention to detail in just a few months :)
wow reading about all those clingy parents and all the questions about balancing checkbooks, youtube access, or whatnot makes me wonder if it'll be weird for me when i start. I'm 21, prior enlisted, but im going to usafa prep school this year, meaning i'll be 22, and class of 2014 (assuming i make it). I've talked to BlueSuiter over on CC and he's in my situation and says he knows of others like us, but i only see high schoolers or current cadets posting on these forums. I had a late birthday for being in high school class of 2005, so i'm used to being younger than everyone, not 4 years older.
You will be the "old man" that a lot of the recent HS grads will be looking to for experience/leadership during BCT.

We have a couple P-school grads on here.
it may be weird, yes, especially when a 19 or 20 year old is yelling at you and you have to call him sir. but its all part of the system.

and just to note, the top 3 people in the wing this year were all preppies, and 2 were prior enlisted
And although he doesn't post as often, I actually met another prior on this board and he ended up in my squad here at the P. He is still a good friend and actually those that went to the second orientation dinner (early one) met him.

Don't worry about it; you will have friends amongst the priors, who will also have a pretty large age gap (18-22), and you will make friends with the DEs too. Some of them are more mature than us priors - but that isn't saying too much at times.
hey at 2nd orientation a bunch of Priors from the P school came into Arnold Hall in the afternoon and listened in to the last few speakers. you guys do that at the other sessions to or just ours? Got to talk to a few of them, it was pretty interesting and cool to meet a few more future classmates.